Sarah was born on January 10th at 8:28 pm
She weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces and was 22 inches long

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Sixth Year
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Second Year
First Year
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Fifth Year

June 24, 2005
Sarah loves playing at daycare and school. When she is home with Mommy for a few days she gets bored and wants to see her friends. That's GREAT! Austin is now old enough that he can play with her, which also means they argue some, ha ha. Sarah has changed her bedroom from Dora to the Disney Princesses. She loves to dress up in her gowns and pretend she is a princess. Be sure to look at her photos of her Disney trip in April to see her meet them!

December 29, 2004
Sarah will be turning four years old in just a few weeks! This fall she started Speech Pre-School and her speech is improving very quickly. She has worked very hard and we are proud of her. Sarah is a wonderful big sister! She adores Austin and they play together wonderfully. Sarah spent last week in the hospital for dehydration and pneumonia! We were very scared but she is recovering nicely.