December 2004

0287985-R1-038-17A (Left) Sarah thought she was a tree! She was decorating herself!

(Right) Before the kids came out on Christmas morning.

(Below) Pictures of the kids enjoying their gifts.

0287985-R1-006-1A 0287985-R1-008-2A 0287985-R1-016-6A
0287985-R1-010-3A 0287985-R1-012-4A 0287985-R1-014-5A
0287985-R1-018-7A 0287985-R1-020-8A 0287985-R1-022-9A
0287985-R1-024-10A 0287985-R1-028-12A 0287985-R1-030-13A
0287985-R1-040-18A 0287985-R1-042-19A 0287985-R1-044-20A
Austin loves yogurt! Sarah likes to feed him, when he doesn't try himself!